# New Fois Model – Article structure #

From today to go, new articles will follow a certain scheme, to make it easier and more pleasant the few minutes people pass on it.

Obviusly it had to be followed since the beginning, but as Old Romans sayed, we like the “labour lime”, so we improve day by day.

New guidelines are these:

Introduction: main topics and the links between them will be presented at the beginning.

Body: just fresh and clear points fast to read, not like scoring news but such as pillars in Basel III, indipendent, linked and clear.

Clue: it’s quite important to have a position in front of an argument, and it has to be linear, without contradictions.

Data: to substain strong position you need strong data.

Conclusions and expectations: the best way to give something more than pasted news is making projections about the future, starting from the present and once you studied the past.

Enjoy the website

-> I’ve just uploaded new data in the section Download, GDP, GDP per capita and inflation of main Economies in the world, the source is Eurostat in a personal rielaboration.


Federico Fois



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